Siddharth Srivatsan ’20, Editor-in-Chief
Sid is a sophomore from Ashburn, Virginia (NoVA!) planning on double majoring in Mathematics and Economics. He enjoys backpacking, and DJ’s a radio show on WSRN-FM. You can probably catch him watching Law & Order or reading The Economist.


Keton Kakkar ’19, Managing Editor
Keton is a junior from Sands Point, New York. Intrigued by theories of interpretation and communication, they have chosen to study computer science and English literature. Their hobbies include bouldering, hiking, and trying to watch the rest of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


29219491620_ebf2f745ca_oAngus Lam’20, News Editor
Angus is a sophomore from the great city of Hong Kong. He intends to double major in Political Science and Sociology/Anthropology. Outside of class, he loves playing music, talking about politics, and gushing over himself in third person. 


Ethan Yoo ’19, News Editor
Ethan is pursuing a Special Major in Educational Studies and Political Science. He intends to attend graduate school for public health with hopes of working in mental health advocacy and community health management. Alongside editing for The Daily Gazette, Ethan is also part of the front-of-house and SwatDeck planning teams, manager for Lang Music stage and technical crews, a student librarian at Underhill, SwatTeam member, and overnight admissions host. He also participates in Balinese Gamelan, Roosevelt @ Swarthmore, and Wind Ensemble. When at home in New Jersey, he volunteers with his town’s rescue squad as an EMT. Ethan also has a dog that lives with him at Swarthmore – she loves visitors!

September Sky Porras, Arts & Features Editor
September is a Sophomore from Orlando, FL. Her studies focus on History, Religion and Latin America/Latino Studies. In her free time she enjoys watching horror movies and walking at night. She devotes much of time to social and climate justice walks, as well as researching folklore and local haunts.



28886771953_463c1c7aa9_oAditya Jayakrishnan ’20, Opinions Editor
Adi is a sophomore from Chennai, India. He is undecided about most things in life, including his major. Naturally, he chose to apply for the position of Opinions Editor. His indecisiveness has also led him to argue vehemently for both sides of several things, some of which he does not fully understand, as a member of the Peaslee Debate  Society. He can usually be found around campus wasting time.>

John Fan’19, Opinions Editor
John is a Junior studying Philosophy and Mathematics. He is an international student from China. He believes in the existence of objective truth, and that everything (including journalism) is just applied philosophy.


Isaac Lee ’18, Consulting Editor
Isaac is an economics and political science major. He is a Singaporean who grew up in Hong Kong. In America he discovered the wonders of Netflix and Uber. Other than devoting his time to The Daily Gazette, he is probably reading The Atlantic and the Wall Street Journal, or skim-reading the hundreds of pages assigned to typical Swatties.

Abby Diebold ’20, Social Media Editor
Abby is a sophomore from Portland, OR. She is a prospective political science and history major. She has probably asked you if you’re registered to vote.

Izzy McClean ’20, Webmaster
Izzy is a Sophomore from London, England. She plans to double major in Computer Science and Classics.
You can probably find her sitting in Sharples on a round table doing her CS homework.

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