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Annie Tvetenstrand ’16,  Co-Editor-in-Chief
Annie is an English Literature and Classical Studies major in the Honors program from Summit, New Jersey. A baker by day and tango dancer by night, she enjoys long walks, short poems, and excellent puns. She stays up-to-date by reading The Onion and The A.V. Club.
14199286213_6b4c165a6c_zAllison Hrabar ’16, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Allison is double major in Political Science (Honors) and Film and Media Studies. When not working for The Daily Gazette, she contributes to every other campus publication, including War News Radio and The Swarthmore Review. She splits her spare time between begging people to watch iZombie (Tuesdays at 10pm on The CW) and playing the Hamilton cast album for everyone she meets.
16250915517_dd18b40c01_kIsabel Knight ‘16, Managing Editor
Isabel is an Honors Political Science major and Honors Asian Studies minor from Wilton, Connecticut. She is a trombonist, poet, ultimate frisbee player, actor, writer, and stage manager. She works too much, sleeps too little, and recently discovered she has an obsessive love for coconut chips.
LilyLily Tyson ’17, News Editor
Lily is a Russian major and Peace and Conflict Studies minor from Connecticut. She also swims for the Swarthmore Swim Team and loves to bake and read travel books.
MattMatt Chaffinch ’18, Assistant News Editor
Matt is a sophomore from Delaware who enjoys both eating and sleeping. He has no prospective major, and doesn’t know what a sophomore plan is.
15816601213_406b598a14_oJenny Gao ’18, Arts Editor
Jenny (otherwise known as JGao or Chairman Gao), is a prospective Cognitive Science major. In her free time she can be found upping Yik Yaks and aggressively eating ice cream in Sharples.
BrandonBrandon Torres ’18, Assistant Arts Editor
Brandon is a prospective double-major in English/Education and Japanese, with hopeful plans to eventually share his passion for these subjects with both high school and middle school students.  Though he dreams of publishing a novel one day, he spends a considerable amount of his time fantasizing about being a novelist rather than well, actually writing.
16436827285_a1acea8042_kArjun Vishwanath ’16, Opinions Editor
Arjun is a double major in Political Science (Honors) and Mathematics from Boston. He plays on the squash team at Swarthmore. He has a reputation for knowing your senators, governor, potentially your congressperson, and much more! A lesser known fact about him is that he has fantastic taste in music – he can recommend some bands you’ll be sure to love!
IsaacIsaac Lee ’18, Assistant Opinions Editor
Isaac Lee is a prospective economics and political science major. When in Hong Kong, he is a Singaporean. When in Singapore, he is from Hong Kong. No one really knows where he’s from. In America he discovered the wonders of Netflix and Uber. Other than devoting his time to The Daily Gazette, he is probably reading the Atlantic and the Wall Street Journal, or skim-reading the hundreds of pages assigned to typical Swatties.

Vishnu Gupta ’18,  Co-Multimedia Editor
Vishnu is a prospective Econ and Math double major. He comes of India, where they correctly call Math as Maths. These nuances greatly agitate him. He refuses the accept the imperial system, and occasionally miscalculates the weather because of his stubbornness to use Celsius measurements instead of Fahrenheit. Vishnu greatly enjoys good literature, movie, and music. His favorite book is A Clockwork Orange, favorite movie Reservoir Dogs, and loves The Beatles to an incalculable extent. Also, his favorite TV show is Doctor Who.

NatashaNatasha Chak ’18,  Co-Multimedia Editor
Natasha is a prospective Political Science and History double major from the real city that never sleeps, Hong Kong. Like her partner Vishnu, Natasha still fails to understand the use of the imperial system and never bothered with Fahrenheit. When she’s not cramming essays last minute or finishing up reading for her classes, she enjoys reading, watching tv, eating a lot, and just not doing anything in general. And of course, photography.
16249411900_3d5f2f147c_kAbby Holtzman ’16, Consulting Editor
Abby is a Psychology major and potential English minor with interests in narrative medicine, spoken storytelling, and mental health advocacy. She enjoys working as a Writing Associate, playing guitar at campfires in Crum Henge, and interviewing interesting people.
16249257450_e4c6e8c85c_oLesia Liao ’18, Social Media Editor
Lesia is a prospective neuroscience major from Wilmington, Delaware who talks about herself in the third person – what a snob. She spends her time at Swat searching for in-tune pianos, helping out with StuGov events, and dreaming of Bryn Mawr dinners. In her spare time, she enjoys surfing – both on and offline, feeding her Sheltie peanut butter, and entertaining the masses with her painful puns. She requests that people follow her online and sometimes in real life.

SonyaSonya Chen ’18, Social Media Editor
Sonya is a prospective Political Science and Math major from Hong Kong. When she’s not in front of her computer Tweeting and Facebook-ing DG news to you all, she’s probably on a squash court, walking around campus backwards (giving tours), or trying to reconcile being healthy with her love for dessert.

KetonKeton Kakkar ‘19, Webmaster
Keton is a prospective English and CompSci double major from Sands Point, New York. He enjoys running, backpacking, and laughing to himself. When he’s not fixing bugs in the site, he can probably be found perusing Medium articles or poorly juggling Starbursts.