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abby and jenni2
abby and jenni
Jenni Lu’ 16 and Abby Holtzman ’16, Co-Editors in Chief

Jenni is a (prospective) Neuroscience/English double major from Houston, TX. When she’s not camped out in The DG‘s office, Jenni’s probably walking backwards around campus giving tours, eating Indian food in Kohlberg, or drinking inordinate amounts of caffeine at Hobbs. In addition to The DG, other publications that Jenni’s involved with include Small Craft and The Psych Report, which was co-founded by former DG editor-in-chief, Max Nesterak ’13, and his brother, Evan Nesterak ’09. In addition to her Co-Editor in Chief duties, Jenni also serves as the News Editor.

In addition to writing and editing late into the night, Abby also enjoys playing guitar, listening to and telling stories, and eating anything salty. She also likes coming up with captions for those cartoons on the last page of The New Yorker. In addition to her Co-Editor in Chief duties, Abby also serves as the Arts and Features Editor.

Elèna Ruyter ’14, Multimedia Editor

Elèna is an Islamic Studies minor with a major in Studio Arts, specializing in figurative oil painting and photography. At Swarthmore, she enjoys running the Capoeria Club as well as the Belly Dance Club, which she helped start after returning from a semester abroad in Morocco. She has worked as a photographer with The Daily Gazette since her freshman year and with the Communications since her sophomore year. This work has taught her a lot about the importance of images in shaping our understanding of events and the world around us.

Paul Vernon ’16, Opinions Editor

Previously the editor in chief of his high school magazine in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this is Paul’s second year working with the Opinions section of The Daily Gazette. As a third-culture kid with an undecided major, Paul maintains an ongoing search for a place to call home and a specific subject to pursue for the rest of his academic career at Swarthmore. Thus far, his pursuit of resolution has been continually thwarted but he is confident that this will finally be the year he uncovers the answers he’s looking for. Maybe.

Grant Torre ‘17, Copy Editor

Grant is undecided, but may major in Political Science and Psychology. He is the middle child in a family of five and loves the fine arts. At Swarthmore, Grant is a member of Rhythm ‘n Motion and works as an assistant stage manager for the Theater department. He enjoys tweeting at all hours of the day and reading Politico when he’s bored.

Eduard Saakashvili ’17, Associate News Editor

Eduard is a prospective Physics major from Georgia (the country, not the state). He intends to minor in Film Studies to make himself sound more interesting. Eduard spends his free time browsing The Onion and xkcd, listening to David Bowie, and mediocrely playing guitar. On Thursdays, he ironically reads articles in The Phoenix.

Annie Tvetenstrand ’16, Associate Arts Editor

Annie is a prospective English major and Classics minor from Summit, New Jersey. An Ultimate Frisbee player by day and tango dancer by night, she enjoys long walks, short poems, and excellent puns. She stays up-to-date by reading The Onion and The A.V. Club.

Martin Froger Silva ’16, Associate Multimedia Editor

Martin is a prospective History major and possibly Film and Media Studies minor. He hopes to have a career involving media, whether in print or television journalism. When he’s not editing photos for The Daily Gazette or his job at the Communications Office, he’s taking more, playing music at WSRN 91.5FM, filming events, fencing, and working. He tries to fit sleep and food in his schedule, but can’t make any promises.

Melissa O’Connor ’14, Webmaster

Melissa is a senior Computer Science major from Rockaway, NJ. She is a pitcher on the varsity softball team, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, and co-president of WICS (Women in Computer Science). She is also a team representative in SAAC, the student-athlete committee, through which she volunteers with Delaware County Special Olympics.

Josh McLucas ‘15, Webmaster

Josh is a junior theater major and psychology minor from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. He spends all of his time in a theater or behind a computer, splitting his time between acting, directing, and web design. This means he doesn’t get out much. Josh is not bothered in the least.