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Empowering Women through Romance Novels

Caridad Piñeiro, the author of romance, paranormal, and suspense novels, spoke at Swarthmore on Friday. In her lecture, titled “Empowering Women and Latinas in Modern Publishing: How the 'South Beach…

Swat Fails to Meet ADA Standards

The college just completed an out-of-court settlement with the Justice Department after a random check of Swarthmore facilities this summer showed that the campus was not compliant with Americans with…

What Are Those Things On Our Lights?

Mark J. Dumic, Associate Director of Networking and Telecommunications, tells us that "those boxes are outdoor wireless access points that were recently installed as part of this year's wireless network…

Climbing Tree

Climbing Tree


Walking in the Crum

Walking in the Crum


Just How Does Heating Work?

As the weather cools down, some students are already suffering from chilly dorm rooms, while others are growing uncomfortably warm. Just how does the heating work? …

Drucaroff lectures on plight of Jewish prostitutes in Argentina

On Tuesday, November 20th, Elsa Drucaroff, author of The Promised Hell: A Zwi Migdal Prostitute lectured on the plight of Jewish prostitutes in Argentina from the 1860s to the 1940s.…




Why is the Essie Mae’s Grill Turned Off?

Swarthmore is wrapped in mystery, and here at the Gazette we try to peel a few of those mysteries away. Most recently, we learned why Essie Mae's turns off its…

Why Don’t Sci 101′s Power Sockets Work?

The Gazette caught up with Jan Semler, the Director of Planning & Construction to ask her why the plugs embedded in every Sci 101 seat don't actually give computers (or…