SBC Minutes (February 4th, 2018) – Cinema Club and Funding Standards

Note to Students: SBC would like to urge more student groups to apply for supplemental funding. For more information please visit or email

About SBC

SBC is a committee of 8 appointed representative students, headed by the SBC Chair and joined by SGO Chair of Student Organizations. They are tasked with allocating the Student Activities Fee to student groups. The committee meets once a week on Sundays in Sharples room 4. SBC also heads a separate office that consists of a Manager and three Assistant Managers who facilitate reimbursements and service payments in an office on Parrish 4th.

Supplemental Proposals


Cinema Club:

Requesting: $3615

  • Software funds requested for master classes and being able to upload large files
  • Equipment funds requested for a drone that can be used for expository shots. Also requesting funds for a recording monitor and hard-drive.
  • Referred to the Forum for Free Speech for lectures
  • Funds for off-campus viewing
  • Passes unanimously for $2875 requested from SBC
    • 7451 Software: full funding of $252
    • 7401 Equipment: full funding of $2623
  • Tabled
    • 7302 Lecture


Student Activities Fee Endowment

  • Postpone actively managed fund concept until next semester, when the appropriate body is set up to oversee it.
  • SBC is leaning towards the Fossil Free Fund, a divested portfolio set up in 2015.


SBC Standards

  • SBC discussed and clarified funding standards ahead of the treasurer training and spring budgeting. Full standards will be published once they are completed.

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