Last Century Today: The Book and Key Society

This article is part of a series called Last Century Today. What follows is the minutes of Book and Key, Swarthmore’s secret society, from exactly 100 years ago. 

February 7th, 1918
The Temple

Regular meeting of the Book & Key Society called to order by Senior [redacted]. The minutes of the proceeding meeting were adopted as read.

House committee reported that there was no chance of getting coal as long as the present coal famine exists.

Senior [redacted] of the class of 1917 made a a speech congratulating the new recently taken in. He also spoke of making the society more democratic. There was further discussion along the same lines. The seniors were in favor of making Book and Key more democratic.


Archival preservation, featured image, and assistance in translating cursive courtesy of  Celia Caust-Ellenbogen and the Friends Historical Library.

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