SBC Minutes: (February 12, 2017) – Sparring Gloves for SMAC

Swarthmore Martial Arts Club (SMAC)

The Swarthmore Martial Arts Club (SMAC) requested $105.00 in funding for four pairs of sparring gloves for karate classes. Sebastian Mintah ‘19 represented SMAC. SMAC’s current gloves are for boxing and are not as suitable. Previously, club members used personal gloves for karate. Full funding was proposed and passed unanimously.

Isaac Lee

Isaac is an economics and political science major. He is a Singaporean who grew up in Hong Kong. In America he discovered the wonders of Netflix and Uber. Other than devoting his time to The Daily Gazette, he is probably reading The Atlantic and the Wall Street Journal, or skim-reading the hundreds of pages assigned to typical Swatties.

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