Swarthmore 2020: An Infographic

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Isaac Lee

Isaac is an economics and political science major. He is a Singaporean who grew up in Hong Kong. In America he discovered the wonders of Netflix and Uber. Other than devoting his time to The Daily Gazette, he is probably reading The Atlantic and the Wall Street Journal, or skim-reading the hundreds of pages assigned to typical Swatties.


  1. 1
    Alum says:

    “Despite greater selectivity, Swarthmore has increasingly admitted students who are first-generation college students in their family. ”

    Eep this is phrased poorly. Makes it sound like first gen students aren’t really as qualified so it’s surprising that Swat would admit more of them…

    1. 2
      Another alum says:

      I disagree with that comment. I would imagine that proportionally fewer first-gens than non-first-gens have Swarthmore-level admissions credentials. In that case, it certainly makes sense to say that more first-generation students are being admitted “Despite greater selectivity,” as one would expect fewer of them to be admitted as selectivity increases.

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