Bathtub Debate Pits Divisions Against Each Other

The Peaslee Debate Society hosted their annual ‘Bathtub Debate’ on February 22, which has one professor from each of the three academic divisions (Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities) to debate on why their division should be preserved. This year, a hypothetical Donald Trump victory has resulted in the slashing of budgets, forcing Swarthmore to decide only one division to keep. The Daily Gazette live-tweeted the debate.

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Lesia Liao

Lesia is a prospective neuroscience and computer science major from Wilmington, Delaware who talks about herself in the third person – what a snob. She spends her time at Swat drinking jasmine tea, organizing events for SAO, and dreaming of Bryn Mawr dinners. In her spare time, she enjoys surfing – both on and offline, feeding her Sheltie peanut butter, and entertaining the masses with puns. She requests that people follow her online and sometimes in real life.

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