Sharples Cookbook: Episode 2 “Pizza-dilla”

Things got a little difficult for me this week. Deadlines were fast approaching, my hair was not staying up like it used to, and I had not eaten much. Alas, it was Sunday pasta bar and not a tasty bite was in sight. So for this week’s Sharples Cookbook, I decided to create an alternative to the dreaded, semiweekly pasta bar. Seriously, twice a week is too much.

At first, I was thinking of making a pizza grilled cheese (I made it, it was great) but I wanted something a little bit more fun. Instead, I put the pizza on top of a quesadilla. Henceforth, this recipe will be called the “Pizza-dilla”.

RIP Pasta Bar.

If you guys have any recipe ideas or would like to appear on the show, e-mail me at jlim1.

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