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    Peter Schmidt says:

    Brilliant job, Grant and Kyungchan! Only the first circle of hell for you! Don’t worry; that’s far away from the epistemologists, who are placed in at least circle #7 or 8 … and of course spend their time questioning whether that circle is the right one for them.

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      Grant Torre ( User Karma: 16 ) says:

      Hi Craig,

      When professors were invited to participate the link to President Obama Reads Mean Tweets was in the email, so they were aware of the Kimmel bit. Thanks for watching!

      Grant Torre ’17
      Co Editor-in-Chief

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    alum says:

    This was so much fun to watch. Kudos to the daily gazette and Grant and Kyungchan for producing this. I want to see more please!!!! =)

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    philosophy major says:

    ahh yes peter baumann love it

    and we haven’t even started on the fact that the proposition is counterfactual:

    “if there were a hell, *which there isn’t*, then epistemologists should go there”

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