Introducing Swat Visually

For such a small school, you would think we’d all know a little more about each other. Of course, then again, we are Swatties.

Swat Visually is a weekly data visualization column whose goal is to capture and display insights into our community. Swat Visually is not a poll, and it is definitely not a statistically rigorous project (sorry, Professor Wang). Instead, it is a collection of snapshots that show the ins and outs, the uncomfortable realities, the perspectives, and – of course – the quirks of Swarthmore. Some of our topics will be mundane. Some will be cute. A few will be serious. Hopefully most will be useful. But all of them will reflect the larger trends we are seeing on campus today.

Look for our weekly questions on The Daily Gazette email, and get involved. We promise, it’ll be fun. If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to see on the column, we would love to hear from you! To submit your brilliant ideas, please reach out to Kassandra Sparks at

To answer our first question, see below:

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