StuCo Report: Constitution in Progress, LSE Funding


StuCo is still working on drafting and, ultimately, ratifying a new constitution. As work on the constitution continues, StuCo will hold another open meeting during the week.

LSE Funding

This year’s Large Scale Event (LSE) funding might work differently, depending on the results of a student vote. Currently, the LSE and Worthstock have separate budgets, which includes separate budgets for technical setup, each exceeding $10,000. By combining the two events into what StuCo Co-President Jason Heo ’15 called “Swatapalooza,” StuCo hopes to save setup costs that it might then channel into SEPTA tickets. These tickets, combined with subsidized concert tickets, would allow Swarthmore students to cheaply attend events in Philadelphia.

StuCo is looking into meeting with Haverford’s student activities staff to hear about their experience with similar projects.

Student Assembly

This weekend, the Student Assembly meeting failed to reach quorum and was canceled.

Olde Club

Heo also said that StuCo is considering changing Olde Club’s management structure. StuCo members will meet with Olde Club representatives to discuss possible changes. Any changes would only affect Olde Club’s management structure and not its profile.

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