New Policy Requires Birth Certificates to Enter Parties

With the recent changes to the Swarthmore party policies, it comes as no surprise that the newest addition to the set of rules requires students to present an original copy of their birth certificate upon entering any All-College party. Those without an original will be turned away at the door.

This rule with also be enforced for visitors. This serves as a public service announcement that students expecting guests should make sure to remind their visitors to make sure they have their original birth certificate if they would like to visit campus.

The main reason behind the new rule, according to Coordinator of Student Activities Ike Melias, is to “ensure that the BAC of students remains at a level where they can keep this important document safe.” It will also “confirm that a student was indeed born.”

The reaction to this new policy has been split. Ike Melias sent out a survey to the student body which revealed that half of the student body approves, while half disapproves.* The policy will continue to be in effect for the remainder of the semester.

A new survey will be conducted in May to see if student opinion has swayed.

*Two students responded to the survey.

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