Swat 7: We Solve All of Swarthmore’s Problems

Inspired by heroes such as Jon Stewart, the Smothers Brothers, and grumpy cat, every two weeks Swat 7  (Swarthmore’s finest biweekly news-satire show) will bring you questionable facts, unreliable analysis, and full-team coverage of what your drunk roommate said last night — all in just about 7 minutes.



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    Not bad ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Loved the drugs segment, but the bit making fun of conservatives was pretty tired. Don’t tell me you’re running out of material already.

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      James Madison says:

      Hey, if they want to make fun of a minority (in the literal sense) group on campus, that’s their right. It’s not as if Swarthmore is a place about respecting other viewpoints or anything…

      (yes I realize it’s satire, but on those segments, we all know it’s like 10% joking and 90% a perpetuation of what they already believe about conservatives)

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