Swat Storytime: Damella Dotan ’15 Shares an Almost Presidential Encounter

Damella’s story – click to listen

Welcome to the seventh installment of Swat Storytime. This weekly feature showcases student and faculty voices, each sharing a brief, personal story in audio form.

Above is a link to a story told by Damella Dotan ’15 about an elite, exclusive White House party and a later, low-key gathering of close friends and chocolate-covered popcorn. At one end there was only frustration but at the other was the happy reunion of people who love each other—even if they can’t afford champagne.

If you have a four to five minute-long story you would like to share, please email aholtzm1@swarthmore.edu to set up a recording time. This month’s revised theme is Sharing.

Photo courtesy of Damella Dotan ’15

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