Swat Storytime: Sarah G. ’16 Talks Survival in Morocco

Sarah’s Story – click to listen

Welcome to the fifth installment of Swat Storytime, previously Friday Storytime. This weekly feature showcases student and faculty voices, each sharing a brief, personal story in audio form. This is the second in a series on Survival.

Above is a link to a story told by Sarah G.’16 about the disparity between her own views on religion and those of her host family during a gap year in Morocco. She speaks of struggling to find the words – and the will – to express an opinion that is central to her own personal philosophy but in direct opposition to the world around her.

If you have a four to five minute-long story you would like to share, please email aholtzm1@swarthmore.edu to set up a recording time. Next month’s theme is Silence.

Photo courtesy of Sarah G.’16


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