The Swatter: February 4 – February 11

Fire Alarm

Date: Friday, February 8
Time: 8:33 p.m.
Location: Worth Residence Hall
Synopsis: A fire alarm was received from within Worth Residence Hall. The area was checked and no sign of fire was observed. The cause of the alarm was burnt food. Public Safety responded, checked the area, and reset the alarm.
Status: Closed


Simple Assault – Not Aggravated

Date: Sunday, February 10
Time: 12:20-1:07 a.m.
Location: Clothier
Synopsis: Public Safety was notified of a fight between two male student at Paces Café during a social event.
Status: Dean’s Referral


Motor Vehicle Theft

Date: Sunday, February 10
Time: 3:17-4:27 a.m.
Location: Wharton Residence Hall
Synopsis: A male student reported his vehicle stolen from Wharton Lot and the vehicle was later found behind Fieldhouse Lane with front end damage and airbag deployed.
Status: Under Investigation


Investigated Person(s)

Date: Sunday, February 10
Time: 3:47-4:07 p.m.
Location: Clothier
Synopsis: Two juveniles were observed within the Intercultural Center Big Room by two Swarthmore students. Upon Public Safety’s arrival the juveniles fled the area.
Status: Closed

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