StuCo Platforms: Campus Life Representative: Jason Heo ’15

Hi, my name is Jason Heo (2015), and I would like to represent you as the Campus Life Representative.  Throughout my first year and a half here, our student body has become more and more responsive towards issues that have arisen on campus, due to differences between students, student groups, or even the students and administration.  Though the Daily Gazette and Phoenix serve as fairly efficient forums to garner student responses to these issues, I do not believe the majority of Swarthmore students spend enough time on those respective websites to hear the opinions of their peers.

Despite having read about the need for greater transparency between the Student Council and the general student body in past platforms, I have not yet seen much change transpire.  As the Campus Life Representative, I believe more regular posts via social media can improve transparency.  Additionally, the Student Council’s website and weekly agendas should be displayed more prominently on campus and online.

Aside from transparency being a popular topic in past platforms and Student Council discussions, I have become familiar with the issue through my involvement with different groups on campus.  Representing the track and field team as a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has allowed me to better understand the relationship between the athletic community and the greater Swarthmore community.  As an active member of the fencing and club soccer teams, I have experienced the issues that student-run groups face with budgeting, organization, and planning.  Lastly, as a newly appointed member of the Orientation Committee, I hope I, through the Student Council, can help incoming students better understand the structures that exist between the administration, Student Council, and students groups (namely SBC and SAC).  I believe my regular interaction with such a wide range of people with varying perspectives will allow me to be an effective member of the Council.

Furthermore, I hope to bring some other initiatives to the Council that I believe would improve student/campus life:

  • implementing a meal counter on the Dashboard, which would allow students to simply input their ID number and see their remaining number of meals from the comfort of their dorm room
  • continuing the search for a better late night food option on campus
  • utilizing Gmail as the interface for Swarthmore emailing