Henry Kietzman’s Chicken Soup for the Homesick Soul

Henry Kietzman ’14 is a Neuroscience Major. He’s on the swim team and enjoys inventing new craziness at Sharples, dancin’ like a fool, and searching for sweaters. His music inspirations center around his love for acoustic folk, but branch all over the place if the song’s catchy enough. These are songs for those a bit homesick and dreaming of home and summer!

At this point in the semester, I feel like the work is large and the motivation is small. To keep myself going in these tough times, I usually spend a decent amount of time being productively unproductive and finding new music. I enjoy creating ‘playlist journeys’ that start in one place and slowly bring you to a place altogether different. This playlist begins with melancholy moments that might get you down, and hopes to carry you through a progressively more positive adventure, ending at a much more helpful place. I hope these songs will be just as ameliorating for you as they are for me during times where I feel I’ll never leave Cornell, and will get you looking forward to the summer that’s just around the corner.

1. “I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick of Time” – Bon Iver
2. “Night Bus” – Lucy Rose
3. “Hand on Your Heart” – Jose Gonzalez
4. “So Far Around the Bend” – The National
5. “Apple” – Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
6. “Smashed Birds” – Soley
7. “You Ain’t Alone” – The Shakes
8. “When I Grow Up” – First Aid Kit
9. “Paris 2004” – Peter Bjorn and John
10. “Tuck the Darkness In” – Bowerbirds
11. “Older Brother” – Pepper Rabbit
12. “Diamonds” – Ben Howard
13. “Reverend” – Pearl and the Beard
14. “At the Beach” – The Avett Brothers
15. “I Think It’s Almost Summertime” – Putnam Smith


“Campus Mixtapes” is a feature highlighting the musical tastes of different people at Swarthmore. To nominate someone, please email Kat Clark ’12 (kclark9).



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