Abroad(er) View: The Study Abroad Issue

The Daily Gazette wanted to take a broader view on some of the challenges and opportunities of Study Abroad. In this issue, you will find stories about the process students go through, the different priorities they weigh, as well as some perspectives from students studying abroad this year.  


Athletes Face a Tough Choice in Studying Abroad

Should Swatties Abroad Pay the Swarthmore Price?

Swatties Abroad

Que Rica: Taryn Colonnese ’13

The Green Line: Amandine Lee ’13

The London Eye: Mariam Zakhary ’13

St Andrews Fire: Photos from Ray Hess ’13

Fresh Chevre, Dry Red Wine: Allison Ranshous ’13

Mis Pasos por Las Calles del Ecuador: Nick Palozzolo ’13

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