Daily Gazette and Lodge 6 Collaborate to Spread the News

The Daily Gazette is glad to announce a collaboration with Lodge 6, self-described as Swarthmore’s “multimedia reporting lab and journalism community.”

Lodge 6 is run by the former staff of the renowned War News Radio, supervised by journalist-in-residence, Jim MacMillan. With a few great projects already underway, Lodge 6 will be reporting on various “outside the bubble” issues, which the Gazette believes are important to share with the Swarthmore community through our website. The Gazette and Lodge 6 will be sharing content and collaborating on stories.

Stay tuned for news stories, radio, video and Storify reports from Lodge 6 on the DG!

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    Yay ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This project looks awesome!

    Considering the DG is a source that students on campus actually read, do you think there will be partnerships between DG and other news sources or publications on campus? Nacht has their blog so, I figure it might be part of a trend.

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