Strategic Directions Document Outlines College Future

On Monday, President Chopp sent to the student body Strategic Directions for Swarthmore College, the strategic plan approved by the Board of Managers in December.

The document is organized around broad recommendations for Swarthmore College, and within each category there are specific goals for Swarthmore’s faculty, facilities, admissions, athletics – items for new action, spending, and oftentimes both, which aim to meet the challenges of higher education in the twenty-first century.

There are six recommendations in the final document: having 1) a curriculum that combines disciplinary strength with flexibility, 2) a community that models purposeful communities in the 21st century, 3) a faculty of active scholars delivering exceptional teaching, 4) an admissions financial aid policy that supports a diverse student body, 5) an Institute for Liberal Arts, and 6) lifelong relationships with alumni.

The following articles are summaries of some of the key proposals in the plan, and are based both on the document itself and on a meeting held with President Rebecca Chopp, Dean of Students Liz Braun, Secretary of the College and Vice President for Communications Nancy Nicely, Special Assistant to the President and  Associate Vice President for Planning Garakai Campbell, Provost Tom Stephenson, and Vice President for Finance and Treasurer Sue Welsh. Throughout the week we will continue to update with more news about the plan.

Protecting Financial Aid

Expanding the Classroom

Going the Distance on Athletics

Paying for the Strategic Directions

Investigating the Future of the Liberal Arts

New Spaces for Classes and Community

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