“Strategic Directions” Inaugurates Implementation Phase

On Monday, President Rebecca Chopp announced the public release of the Strategic Directions for Swarthmore College, which was approved by the Board of Managers at its December meeting. The release marks the end of the 18-month long planning process and the beginning of the implementation process. As President Chopp remarked in a meeting about the plan with editors of The Daily Gazette, “this semester, the really hard work will go into how to implement this, figuring out how to what it really means.”

The Daily Gazette will release a full report on the Strategic Directions on Wednesday, featuring summaries of the plan’s implications for facilities, athletics, academics, alumni relations, fundraising, financial aid, student career opportunities, and campus community – including details not found in the Strategic Directions itself.

If you can’t wait 24 hours to read our report, or want to read the report for yourself, go to sp.swarthmore.edu, or check your e-mail.


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