No Shave Novembeard Diary, Week 4

The riveting diary of a man on a mission.
Part IV.

Day #22

Introducing my beard to an In-n-Out Double Double and Neapolitan milkshake.

Day #23

Manly men grow beards and take their mother to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

Day #24

Two Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Thriller: Meal #1 - An awesome Ostrom occasion with cousins Kristan Ostrom and David Ostrom. Meal #2 - Crazy Krainock cooking collaboration with cousin Cody Krainock complete with my beard and my
grandmother's pilgrim bonnet.

Day #25

After devouring a delectable Deli Rose sandwich from The Yellow Deli with Alex Carr and Sammi Carr, I ventured to the organic fruit stand for a grapefruit, the all-natural beard growth stimulant.

Day #26

Beachin' beard.

Day #27

Beardin' around the Christmas tree.

Day #28

I'm cultivating mass. -Mac (from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)


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