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    N. says:

    I am much happier as a senior than I was as a freshman. Yes, even despite the stress of the real world looming over my shoulder. Now I just know how to deal with it better.

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    Bob Dole says:

    I dunno, lots of little kiddies come in here all naive and excitable, looking forward to Occupying their Wall Streets or Kicking their Cokes or whatever it is that they do these days… it’s only later that they get all jaded and bitter and some of the world’s unhappiest people.

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      Holden Caulfield says:

      But how long does it take for the Orientation-brewed, Graduate-screening-intensified excitement to wear off and the realities of the one of the nation’s “most grueling colleges” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/12/the-most-grueling-college_n_574120.html#s89744&title=Swarthmore_College – ironically from the same site) to sink in?

      I’d say by the end of September/beginning of October (the usual start of midterms) students have started to feel a *tiny* bit like my namesake.

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    Nick says:

    Oh, please. This is a non-article about a non-article. Here’s the original six-sentence blurb, quoted verbatim:

    Being a freshman is hard, so it’s good to attend a school that makes its youngest members fell happy and fulfilled.

    The Center for College Affordability and Productivity recently rated the colleges with the highest freshman retention rate. Yale University topped the list with Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania coming in second.

    Check out our slide show of the 12 schools with the happiest freshmen. Then tell us, were you happy as a freshman? Weigh in below!

    Emphasis added to point out that this whole happiness angle is HuffPo bullshit, because what the study actually measured is just freshman retention rate. Just because people don’t want to leave a school doesn’t necessarily mean they’re happy, and even happy people sometimes leave (e.g. for financial reasons).

    And honestly, not to be the bitter junior, but the reason I checked the original source is because I think it’s pretty implausible that we actually have the nation’s 2nd happiest freshmen. Maybe if you only count during pass-fail.

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