Student Council Launches Small Steps Initiative

Swarthmore’s Student Council has started a new Small Steps campaign aimed to target points of contention in student life on campus. To share your own frustrations, concerns or suggestions, please use the Small Steps board in Parrish Corridor next to the office of Dean Zapata.


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    Keepin' It Real says:

    Dear Nick,

    Congratulations on being a typical Swattie. Way to take yourself, life, and everyone else WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.

    You are the reason I want to transfer.

    You ruin my lifeeeeeeee



    p.s. it’s black not african american

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    James says:

    It’s clearly a joke. As much as Stuco thinks its important, the ability to talk about the bubbling banks of the Crum and the hallowed floor of Tarble is clearly made in jest as a way of promoting a serious new program which will be effective.

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    Nick says:

    I sure hope this is supposed to be some kind of weird self-parody that went a little too far, or a joke I’m not getting. If not, a suit and tie standing in front of an American flag? How important does Stuco really think it is?

    Also, “God bless you, and God bless the College of Swarthmore”? Um, no thank you, from this school’s rather sizable nonbeliever contingent.

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