StuCo Announces Special Election Results

Student Council announced the special elections results this afternoon in an email to the student body. Eugene Prymak ’13 received the highest proportion of votes for Financial Policy Representative, Lanie Schlessinger ’15 for Student Groups Advisor, and Aya Ibrahim ’15 for Student Events Advisor.

In the email, Olivia Ensign ’12, Vice President of Student Council, wrote:

Below are the results of the Student Council Emergency Fall Elections. The winners for each position are listed first. Thank you to everyone who participated! Write Ins will be sent out by the end of the week.

Financial Policy Rep:
Eugene Prymak-80
John Stevick-45
Harshil Sahai-29
None of the Above-26
No Prefrence-31
Write In-27

Student Groups Advisor:
Lanie Schlessinger-75
Kimberly St. Julian-59
None of the Above-45
No Prefrence-32
Write In-41

Student Events Advisor:
Aya Ibrahim-76
Matt Bertuch-73
None of the Above-29
No Prefrence-33
Write In-23

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