Missed Connections: Spotted…

Dear hallmate,

You know that group interest meeting we went to? Would you mind if I told you I went because I was interested in you?

—of course I came here for the activism


I really like

the top floor of Cornell.

I think you do too.

We should talk about it sometime.

Or whisper.



You were in McCabe,

relaxed at a first floor computer. Black and white striped sweater. Printing. Printing. Printing. I got a few extra cups of coffee just so I could walk by and smile.



A red-haired beauty

lives across the hall from me.

Name rhymes with “shaggy tree.”

—One syllable extra never hurt a haiku…?


“A Friend,”

I haven’t seen you on campus much this semester. You should think about taking more history classes. Maybe HIST 037.

—Your “Friend”



Am I the only one who still doesn’t know who all those pirates were a few missed connections ago?

—Can I Please Get the Memo?


saw you in fi sci you looked pretty good



you budged

me at salad bar. you wanted mushrooms. for you, I didn’t mind.

—cut anytime


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