Student Events Advisor, Matthew Bertuch ’14

Dear Student Body,

My name is Matthew Bertuch, and I want to be your Student Events Advisor. The main objective of the SEA is to attend Social Affairs Committee meetings, and help student groups coordinate their events. I have experience in this process having been a member of the Delta Upsilon social committee for the last two semesters, planning events like Margaritaville. I want to be the link between you, the students, and the resources that can make your event a reality. I know that the SAC process can be intimidating, but it I assure you that if I’m there to facilitate the process I’ll make sure it’s as painless as possible. I also think that because we have such a diverse campus population, it is important for me to seek out a variety of opinions when planning social events, utilizing a wider range of underused spaces including the amphitheater and LPAC, to allow for an event schedule more diverse in scope. I would be honored to lend my experience to represent you, the student body, as the SEA. I will work hard to make this year an exciting and enjoyable one.


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    Anon.Y.Moose says:

    I think this is without a doubt the greatest platform ever, and Matthew Bertuch is essentially a living God. Any result other than one in which he receives every vote cast would be a travesty. Come on Swarthmore, let’s make this year a Matt year.

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