Senior Art Show Preview: Hannah Schutzengel and Zoe Davis

A painting of Schutzengel’s.

Senior art shows presenting the works of Hannah Schutzengel and Zoe Davis will open in the List Gallery this Friday.

Hannah Schutzengel’s work features abstract still lifes of patterns and trinkets, striving to create order and rationality.

Through her arrangement and manipulation of patterns and placement, Schutzengel presents a sense of order between the objects and has “the viewer determine the pattern himself and reconstruct the rules of the painting, working with the idea of order as something built or constructed.”

Several of her pieces are in series. Each painting within a set addresses questions of organization and structure from “the perspective of a different emotional or intuitive angle.”

A series by Schutzengel.

Zoe Davis worked with images drawn from photographs of places that are personally intriguing to create clay reliefs. Davis took the majority of the photographs used for the reliefs during her time abroad in Italy. The experience of living abroad and studying outside of the United States has had a large impact on Davis and her work.

Davis performs a reversal of photography by taking the flattened 2D image of a place and partially undoing it by recreating the space in 3D. It’s “analogous to drawing on a memory, recreating a place where you have been,” she said.

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