Fat Raps with Carson Monetti and Corin Johnson

The Gazette features (usually) weekly shows from the student radio station WSRN. The shows are picked by the WSRN Board. You can find podcasts of all the student shows on WSRN’s site, or listen live online or on 91.5 FM.

Carson Monetti ’11 co-hosts the show Fat Raps with Corin Johnson ’12. Monetti had this to say about the show:

“Fat Raps is all about rap skills and ill beats. Corin and I play tracks from near unknowns and new, up and coming talent right next to stuff from more established artists, and the same is true about the age of the music: we don’t discriminate as long as it’s hot. The goal is two hours of music that shows off the greatness of the hip hop genre, which we love and want other people to love, too. It’s easy to hate the 20 rap songs you hear over and over again during any given month on commercial radio, so I like to think we provide an escape from that.

“The most recent (Feb. 26th) show was slanted toward older stuff, primarily because we went through a ton of the better releases from the last couple months the week before. There’s some really canonical tracks from the likes of Geto Boys, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube, and Tupac, plus new material like the least reprehensible Odd Future track we could find, new Raekwon, Wiz Khalifa, and the Cool Kids.”

You can also download the mp3.

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