I always see you with at least 3 glasses of milk on your tray. Don’t worry. You’re the perfect height for me.
—Shawty in Sharples

You were stretched out on the lounge sofa, texting, not a care in the world – I saw you through the window when I passed by on the 2nd floor, and I couldn’t help but think you were stunningly beautiful. Then you looked up; we made eye contact, and for one split second, time stood still. Our bodies may have since moved on to different places, but my heart is still waiting for you at that exact spot.
—Next time I’ll be brave enough to introduce myself

hey bio01 sgm,
everytime i come to your room, there’s always a peppy asian girl in your room. i think you can do one better in me.

Hey girl with the lip ring – four cups of McCabe coffee couldn’t get my heart to beat as fast as it did when you walked by. You’ve got swagger. I like it.
—Boy who can’t not smile when he sees you

Long, lean and lazy,
You were playing frisbee in the rain.
The flash of white compression shorts and
red cleats was enough to set my heart beating faster.
As your scent washed over me, I knew I had to ask:
will you wash your laundry?
—you’re stinking up the hall in mertz

Dear 60+ year old man sunbathing shirtless on Parrish beach – Please…just…no.
—Awkward Swarthmorean, made even more so by the sight of your bare chest

To my bed – I know it’s been a while. Blame the papers. I’m too tired to beat
around the bush, so I’ll be blunt:
I want to sleep with you. I want to be with you all night long.
Soon, baby. Soon. The wait will be over.
—Sleepless at Swat

Guy stealing yogurt and peanut butter from sharps-
You’re a cutie with your freckles and your smile
Is it too bold to say we do a little mixing of our own?
—grossed out by that concoction but digging your pajama pants

Remember Aladdin? — “Adjusted” but still loving every minute of “you + me”

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    * says:

    It would be better if we could submit our missed connections through a form. Sending stuff from our email address not only kills anonymity but is also a hassle.


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    I-May-Unconsciously-Submit-to-the-DG says:

    Am I SO sleep-deprived that I black-out for periods of time; during one of which I submitted a missed connection as 'Sleepless at Swat'? Or am I not alone in anxiously awaiting my return to my one true love?
    *long sigh*

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    Sleepless (and slightly more bitter) at Swat ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    To my bed – I know it's been a while. But this is YOUR FUCKING FAULT. You never contribute to this relationship!!! I spend all day and all night thinking about you no matter where I am on campus, but you simply remain cold and aloof, never making any effort to come comfort me. It doesn't help that we haven't seen each other once in four days.

    Last night was the last straw. I'll admit it. I slept on the couch in the science center commons. Yeah, how's that feel? Nasty, huh? Well, just know that you drove me to this. I'm probably diseased now – everybody and their mother sleeps on that fucking couch.


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