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Meeting with Chopp, Parrish Board Space, and Survey

September 20, 2010

Meeting with President Chopp

Simon Zhu ‘11, President of Student Council, and Deivid Rojas ‘11, Vice President of Student Council, met with President Rebecca Chopp last Tuesday to discuss her vision for the proposed inn. According to Rojas, Chopp said that she does not wish to outsource the bookstore. In addition, she doesn’t envision “a Sheridan with 30 floors,” Rojas said.

At the meeting, Chopp also said that she hopes to have a fireside chat with students in regard to strategic planning after the issue is discussed at the Board of Managers meeting, scheduled for the weekend of October 1st.

Parrish Board Space

Anna Stitt ‘13, Student Groups Advisor, has been in contact with Paury Flowers, Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities, as StuCo tries to decide how the display boards along the walls on the 1st floor of Parrish should be allocated. StuCo discussed opening up more board space in Tarble near Essie Mae’s but no action was voted upon. StuCo plans to email the student body in the coming weeks asking groups to respond if they would like to be considered for board space and also to note if their organization already has a display in Parrish. From here, StuCo hopes to create a system that will allow groups with active boards to keep at least a portion of their space and some, if not all, groups currently without space to receive a space on the wall.

StuCo and Flowers hope to have the new displays prepared for Garnet Weekend and discussed planning an event for groups that are allocated board space to create or update their displays in the coming weeks.

Survey Results

StuCo’s survey, which covered topics ranging from Sharples’ operating hours to student group email access, closed at 11:59 PM on Saturday. At Sunday’s meeting, StuCo discussed the survey results, trying to pick several short-term initiatives.

Many StuCo members felt that providing additional food options should be considered because of the fact that students saw “more local and organic fruits and vegetables in Sharples” and “using meal points in the ville” as the two most important initiatives out of the six mentioned on the first portion of the survey (they were the only two initiatives ranked as “very important” by a majority). StuCo plans to meet with Linda McDougall, Dining Services Director, in the near future to plan the next steps and to discuss Sharples’ budgeting policy.

StuCo members also expressed an interest in creating a comprehensive resource on planning and funding events, which was ranked at “neutral” by a majority of students who submitted a survey.

In addition, StuCo plans to collect more information on implementing a laptop-sharing program. The “I would like to see a laptop-sharing initiative instituted” option was ranked as “neutral” by the majority of survey-takers; however, according to Rojas, part of StuCo’s role is to “speak for those who might not be represented.”

Watufani Poe ’13, Campus Life Representative, also wants students to know that the program would differ from McCabe’s laptop-sharing program in that students would be able to check laptops out for multiple days. Sean Thackurdeen ’11, Educational Policy Representative, said that Bryn Mawr has a program similar to the one proposed which he believes allows students to check out laptops for an entire semester.

StuCo did not pick specific initiatives to pursue at this time; however, members hope to create a plan of action after more information is collected from the administration about the feasibility of various initiatives.

StuCo also discussed what groups should be allowed to automatically subscribe students to their mailing list. In the survey, 41.3% of students felt that both the Daily Gazette and the Phoenix should be allowed to automatically register students; however, after much discussion, StuCo decided to recommend that Liz Braun allow only the Daily Gazette to automatically subscribe the student body, citing the fact that 48.7% students also said that they receive “just the right amount” of emails and that 43.2% of students felt that they receive “too many.”

At first, StuCo was split between wanting automatic subscription for only the Gazette and wanting it for both the Gazette and Phoenix. Rojas argued that sending daily emails to the student body is “clearly spelled out” in the Gazette’s mission statement and that the Phoenix already has access to all students through their print edition.

Several StuCo members pointed out that allowing the Phoenix to send a weekly email would set a precedent that StuCo would not be able to uphold for future student groups who wish to send an email to the student body after creating a web site. In the end, StuCo was unanimous in deciding that the Gazette should have the ability to automatically subscribe students but 7 of the 10 members voted against allowing the Phoenix to have this ability.

StuCo will also recommend that the Reserved Students Digest be reformed so that students receive fewer emails each week from the service.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Several StuCo members discussed the idea of implementing a bridge program with Chopp but felt that further research must be done before a decision is made as to whether or not a program will be created.
  • StuCo discussed installing plastic displays in bathroom stalls around campus that would hold StuCo updates. StuCo hopes that these flyers would help to inform students of current StuCo initiatives.
  • keeps it real

    1. Save the stall displays for the GAs. People like to read interesting/useful things when they're in the stall, not boring StuCo updates.

    2. Change the RSD back to how it was 2 years ago. One email per day that included both events and announcements. There really wasn't anything wrong with it. The people who complained should have just unsubscribed instead of complicating the process for all the students who actually appreciate receiving information about what's going on on their campus.

    3. Keep up the flow of new recipes in Sharples. Most are destined for failure, but at least some novelty of a new recipe could make the eating experience tolerable.


  • Peter ’11

    1. "The “I would like to see a laptop-sharing initiative instituted” option was ranked as “neutral” by the majority of survey-takers; however, according to Rojas, part of StuCo’s role is to “speak for those who might not be represented.”

    LOL, as in, they had no way of completing the survey because they didn't have a laptop?

    2. "Several StuCo members discussed the idea of implementing a bridge program with Chopp"

    PLEASE, I would LOVE to play bridge with Rebecca Chopp.

    3. How abouts a once-a-month Highlights in Student Media digest, featuring an independent group or source's (the student groups advisor? She's awfully perky…) favorites from The Phoenix, The Gazette, War News Radio, BMT, Nacht, maybe even Spike…could also include links to events or lectures. Once a month seems perfectly reasonable. The Phoenix has to come out with SOMETHING good at least once a month, right??

    4. At the very least, the Phoenix should be able to send out a single email telling people HOW to subscribe if they want to. I'm actually in favor of them subscribing people. It's easy to unsubscribe, so if Swatties are complaining about getting it it's just because Swatties like to complain about things.

  • Bob Dole

    I like Peter's take on StuCo "speak[ing] for those who might not be represented." That quote worries me, though… couldn't that excuse be used for any initiative the StuCo members want to get pushed through? I think that with the amount of time the survey was available, and the number of shared computers on campus, anybody who didn't get represented CHOSE not to be represented.

  • P

    Peter's suggestion that the Phoenix gets to send out one email telling people how to subscribe sounds like a good plan.

    Also, Bob Dole: Even if students without a laptop did take the survey, there are few enough of those students that they might be overwhelmed by the vast majority who don't care. (It wasn't entirely clear from the article what kind of stats StuCo was looking at….)

    Also, the phrase "laptop-sharing program" is phenomenally unclear about what the program actually is. It sounds to me more like something where Jimmy doesn't need his laptop for a few hours and Alice signs up to borrow it, not something where they'd be checked out from McCabe.

  • S

    I feel like most students don't host events, and as such would rank the comprehensive resource on event planning neutral even if the people actually planning the events might not.

    Also, I agree with Peter on 2); I would love to play some bridge with Rebecca Chopp!