Sharples Introduces “Airplain” Bar

A whiff of change is in the air in Sharples this year. Aside from changing the name of “Patio Bar,” the ski-lodge-turned-dining hall also introduced an exciting new bar: “Airplain” Snacks. It features classic airline munchies, including honey-roasted peanuts (in small red packets), pretzels, and big snack boxes that you can purchase for 5 dollars.

“I was so excited when I first heard about it,” Joe Schmoko ’12 said. “At first, I thought it would be business class dinners, fancily designed by Wolfgang Puck. And then I found out that it was economy cabin food.”

Schmoko admitted that the new bar was innovative, and makes Sharples a wicked competitor for the best dining hall in the Tri-Co.

The bar was created based on student feedback from napkin comments. “I LOVE AIRPLAIN [sic] SNACKS,” wrote the student in sprawled handwriting. They may or may not have been drunk at the time.

Dining Services Director Lana McDungall claimed that she was at the mercy of students. “Students asked this from Sharples, and we gave it to them. We are committed to fulfilling students’ needs at Swarthmore,” she said.

She added that Sharples was also committed to Swarthmore’s goals of good nutrition and sustainability. The pretzels are fortified with a sprinkling of protein powder and the peanuts will be grown by Swat students, who volunteered to take a semester off to volunteer on a farm in Lancaster, PA.