VegOut at Tonight’s Sharples Takeover

Angered by the vegetarian menu presented two weeks ago at the Meatout Sharples takeover, members of the Carnivore Committee recently revealed themselves and announced their own takeover, VegOut, to take place tonight.

Unlike the Meatout takeover, which provided a few meat options to students, this meal will include absolutely no vegetables. “We’re not like those vegetarians,” sneers the group’s president, Anita Rib ’09; “we won’t cave to the pressure to dilute our diets with their watery food. I don’t care what Linda McDougall says about balanced meals.”

In order to VegOut properly, the group plans to stock the grill with hot dogs and steaks, replace the salad bar with salami bar, and rope off the vegan bar entirely. “It’s been contaminated,” says CC member Saul Sirloin ’11. “I wouldn’t touch anything coming out of that bar.”

The takeover will, of course, feature the internationally recognized Puppy Club Bar.

The group members, asked about the possibility of a backlash, vehemently defended their right to eat and share the food they felt was healthiest. “I don’t see what the problem would be. For those who can’t handle the red meat, there’s chicken, turkey, even some fish,” noted Bill Brisket ’12 (who refuses to eat seafood himself, citing the chance of contamination by seaweed).

Rib says the group, anticipating widespread support for VegOut from formerly isolated meat-eaters, will have a sign-up table at the Sharples entrance for anyone wishing to join.

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