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Student Events Advisor, Luis Peñate ’13

November 30, 2009

My name is Luis Peñate and I am running to represent you in Student Council as the Student Events Advisor. Student Events Advisor is a position that takes a lot initiative, planning events that represent the interests of the student body—this means that I must be in touch with the needs and desires of a diverse student population. I have a relentless commitment to have everyone’s voice heard, no matter how arduous and long the process may take. By no means does that make me indecisive; rather, it makes me a fair decision maker. Moreover, as a member of various groups that have hosted events on campus, I have an excellent idea of how things work here at Swat; I’ve successfully applied for and received funding from SAC and know how to plan and advertise a well-attended event. Both my commitment to representing student needs and my experience as a member of various campus groups makes me excited to run for Student Events Advisor.

As the Student Events Advisor, I would like to bring Student Council’s voice into the planning of campus-wide events such as Class Awareness month, APIA month, Black History month—and Women’s History Month—which at Swarthmore is often not planned or celebrated. I believe that these major campus-wide events need the support of student council to promote attendance and funding. I would also like to create a stronger connection between StuCo and various groups on campus, so that StuCo can play a more active supporting role in the events those groups choose to hold. I will also try to increase student attendance to each event, which is especially important this year given Swarthmore’s limited budget. In that same vein, I think it would be helpful to create a position or have a student liaison to strengthen the relationship between the academic departments and the student body, so that departmental events can be well-attended, and more student events can have support from departments. I also believe that the best way for StuCo to cater to the needs of the student body is to host multiple events to respond to incidents that happen on campus, such as the vandalism of the SQU room and concerns and debates that happened around issues of safety on campus last year that happened earlier this year.

Another issue that is very important to me is to increase the amount of students who try to host events, as this will create a greater diversity of events that can help to educate and increase the amount of FUN on campus. Another one of my projects would be to increase the amount of advertisement for tri-co events so that Swarthmore students can utilize the resources of the other schools in our consortium. I also want to make sure that money is not cut so that students keep the same amount and frequency of events.

As a member of StuCo, I would like to push for a more active student role in budget cuts so that these cuts don’t affect students’ financial aid, along with other programs that benefit student experiences. As stated before, I would also like Student Council as a whole to have a student response to event that happen on campus, keeping the student body better informed.


Luis Peñate

  • ZZARoma

    I am impressed with the range of your ideas and the depth and development you put into them. Great job!

  • Cool Citizen

    Love the idea about diversity of events!
    Hurray for more fun on campus!!

  • gurl

    You've got my vote! Glad to see you thinking outside the box but making sure the inside isn't forgotten.

  • I see you

    Your platform is by far much better than your opponent's – who appears so unorganized it's as if they don't exist. 😉

  • Missed the ‘Missed Connections’

    You're hott. If I vote for you, can we be friends?…

  • Angela Meng

    Hey Luis,

    This is the outgoing Student Events Advisor and looking over your platform, I have several questions:

    1. While your ideas sound fundamentally strong, how do you actually plan on making them happen? For instance, on stuco, we experience difficulty getting attendance on events regarding the financial budget cuts, personal get-to-know your stuco members, etc. Even with extensive advertising through RSD, facebook, and flyering, attendence for these stuco events is consistently low. As SEA, what would you do differently or change to improve this trend?

    2. What are your other time commitments and how would StuCo rank among them?

    3. How would you plan to improve the diversity of events on campus? As SEA, you would be on SAC but the problem is that people approach you about events, not vice versa. What are your plans to reach out to the community to encourage more events?

    4. How would you recommend bringing in StuCo for campus-wide events? For instance, we did a textbook forum for class awareness month (attendance was rather low :( ), but for events in APIA Month and Black History Month, I'm not quite sure we could hold an event for them since we represent the entire student body.

    5. Since SEA is also on SAC, what are some ideas that you specifically have for SAC?

    Thanks and please feel free to contact me for any questions. Good luck!

  • Chris Green

    What about StuCo events for National Sanctity of Human Life Day (January 18), National Day of Prayer, Irish-American Heritage Month, National Adoption Month, or National Character Counts Week?

    I am engaging in a small pleasantry here, but trying to make an important point: why did you pick out the groups and events you chose as needing special attention from StuCo? Swarthmore has over 100 groups, all of which I'd like to believe are doing important and valuable things (I chartered maybe of them, and gave all of them budgets 3 times) — and those groups should do those valuable things, not StuCo.

    Why not let StuCo co-host the next Rhythm N Motion show, or perhaps stagea photoshoot with Nitwits before a refreshing game with Motherpuckers? Even better, StuCo could host a triathelon for all three groups: knitting, ice hockey, and dance!

    Or maybe Stuco should promote religious life on our barren secular school and help promote the events held by the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic groups? After all, spiritual life is extremely important and something which needs more voice at Swat.

    So why Class Awareness, Black History, etc.? What makes them categorically different from the hundreds of other groups and thousands of other events on campus?