We still need to find the sleeper in row five, but at least we found each other! Spending time with you
has made for an amazing semester, and while I might be occasionally “unfair”, at least I can try to make
up for it by fixing you ramen. Besides, I’ll accept the fact that adjustment will happen if you stop
bringing it up (jeeez). What I guess I’m trying to say is that the year can only get better with you + me,
so would you be my girlfriend?
—sweet dreams (Submitted: November 18th)

You locked yourself out of your room a few weeks ago and found me to let you back in. We’d never met before, but we’re the same year and I think you’re cute. I was hoping I’d run into you again, but sadly I haven’t. Please lock yourself out again soon?
— charmed senior (Submitted: November 12th)

You were behind the bar at DU I was wishing you were behind me. You handed me my drink and our fingers touched, I smiled at you but you didn’t see. I thought your backwards purple hat was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Lets meet up, maybe you can do some dirty things to me.
—Kinky Swattie (Submitted: November 13th)

You left me a note by the public computer in McCabe. I wanted to pick it up but wasn’t sure if it was actually for me. Let me know who you are.
—girl with a somewhat common name (Submitted: November 12th)

Sophomore ping pong playah
your special serve with a spin is lookin’ good
among other things…
—gameroomgirl (Posted: November 11th)

you should come join, we’re always looking for new partners.
oh the puns.
—spinserver (Posted: November 13th)

You were rocking a suit in the reading room of McCabe a day or two ago, and let me just say, you looked hot. This is all.
—admiring from afar (Submitted: November 17th)

Dear Wednesday afternoon LRC shift boy: I wanted to fake log in troubles so that you would brush up against me, but I sadly lost the courage. I think you’re a cutie, Mustache November and all.
—checking out foreign DVDs (Submitted: November 18th)

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