Sun Ra Arkestra and Sonic Liberation Front at Olde Club

The Sonic Liberation Front, a Philly-based band that describes themselves as a combination of free jazz, Afro-Cuban Yoruba roots, and electronica, opened the night. Photos by Jiuxung June Xie.
Their music featured a repeating groove from the bass and percussion, with freer improvisation on top by the other instruments.
Although the eclectic founder of the band died in 1993, his Arkestra -- which ranged greatly in musical style but is best known for its more experimental jazz numbers -- has continued. Since 1995, the Arkestra has continued under the leadership of saxophonist Marshall Allen, a World War II veteran who recently celebrated his 85th birthday.
Despite the change of pace from more typical shows, Olde Club enjoyed a full crowd until the end of the show, three hours later.