Financial Policy Representative, Richard Brode

It is no surprise that Swarthmore’s endowment has seen a massive decline over the past year. The college has since been pressed to scrutinize its expenses and curtail new spending.

If elected Financial Policy Representative, my first priorities will be to ensure that student groups continue to receive the funding they deserve and that new student spending initiatives will continue to be entertained by the College Budget Committee. We are in the midst of an economic crisis, but our quality of life should not suffer as a result.

I will also add to and improve upon the resources which students may use to find jobs and internships. The job market is bleak. Our college must be doing all it can to ensure its students are happily and gainfully employed by graduation. As a Career Peer Advisor within the college’s Career Services Office, I have been privy to many students’ questions and concerns regarding future employment. I will bring this unique insight to the Student Council. For example, many students claim there is an inadequate listing of potential jobs. To remedy this problem, I wish to devote more effort and resources towards attracting a greater number of recruiters, take advantage of the recruiters visiting other elite colleges and universities, bring guest speakers to campus that would be interested in hiring Swarthmore students, and create more opportunities to connect with alumni.

Finally, I will maintain the transparency of the college’s spending and investment practices, as well as express student concerns at every CBC meeting. As a member of the Student Council, my general intent will be to act as a voice for the entire student body. Please, vote Richard Brode for Financial Policy Representative.

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