Hotel Workers’ Rights Campaign Update following meeting with President Bloom

Swarthmore Labor Action Project (SLAP) would like to update the campus community about the status of the campaign for card check neutrality at the proposed Swarthmore Inn. This week, we met with President Bloom and came to a mutual understanding that the College can make a timely decision, regardless of its economic situation or the status of the hotel project. We communicated to President Bloom that our concern stems from the reality that the hotel’s operator—not the College—will have ultimate control over jobs at the hotel and as such could not be held accountable to the campus community. Consequently, it is imperative that the College sign an agreement guaranteeing workplace democracy in advance.

Broad campus-wide support for the hotel campaign and growing national consensus in favor of the Employee Free Choice Act clearly indicate that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) process is seriously flawed and that card check neutrality is the appropriate alternative. We hope that President Bloom and the Board of Managers will act accordingly.

In our meeting, President Bloom agreed that his senior staff will discuss the issue in the coming week and will meet with a union representative to look over the language of card check agreements. We look forward to hearing back from the administration as to the results of those conversations and to a timely decision that reflects the College’s stance on workplace democracy. It would be a shame if the College fell behind other comparable institutions in its longstanding commitment to social responsibility.

Maurice Weeks ‘09

Megan Long ‘12

Zoe Bridges-Curry ‘09