Campus Life Representative, Due Ho

Due Ho will approve this message…later.

First, we discovered the atom; second, we invented the iPod, third, third, third…..what’s the best thing? Due is running for Campus life Representative. I shall complete your lives. My name is pronounced Do-EE.

Remember the day I walked you home? What do I do? I am Dangerously Unforgettably Edible. I can be found in Parrish and Mertz. I live Parrish And Mertz. I will maximize the volume of your voice. People can’t hear? I’ll turn up their ears. Are you bored? If I am campus life representative, come talk to me, we’ll figure out something. I will work harder than you.

Due now approves this message.


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    Sophmore says:

    I voted due. thats change I can believe in.
    I also note he's never made a song about how difficult is to have jet setting parents or large breasts.

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