Creative Living Room Opens Doors to Arts For the Family

When Lynn Falk, Rosemary Fox, Allison DeSalvo, and Elizabeth Bromley met at the Swarthmore Public Library all they had was a dream. That dream, along with the surroundings of Swarthmore, lead to the creation of the Creative Living Room on 15 Chester Road.

When asked what they hoped to bring to the Swarthmore community, Marketing and Theater Director, Rosemary Fox answered: “It is our hope that The Creative Living Room will be an anchor for the business community that will bring people into town. When our clients come to us we want to educate them on what our town has to offer while they are here.”

The Creative Living Room offers a wide variety of classes for children including Cantemos Juntos (spanish music class), Paper Making, and African and Brazilian drumming for the older children.

Parents can take in an afternoon yoga class while their children are in the art room learning portrait drawing and paper making or playing games.

On the third Saturday of each month, the entire family can be entertained by performers brought to them by the Creative Family Performance Series, parents and children can enjoy quality music and dance during First Friday.

The creators take a multi-cultural and multi-generational approach in forming programs that are tailored to the needs and benefit of the children and families they work with.

The Creative Living Room offers many forms of creative arts under roof, and provides attention and care to students on an individual basis. This is something that the creators think makes the Creative Living Room unique.

We believe that the creative spark is vital to the health of the family as well as the individual. We want to encourage the creativeness that is innate in children, keep that creativity growing through the tween and teen years and offer opportunities to adults to rekindle their creative spark that so many times is extinguished as we get older.”

The Creative Living Room is officially open for business and has open registration for child and parent courses. For more information visit their website at

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