What Do You Want from the Ville?

Gabriel Ramirez explores what exactly Swarthmore students want from the village of Swarthmore.

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    Virginia says:

    I wish that before people blasted the Co-op for being too expensive, they did a price comparison between it and Genuardi’s. There are certainly things that are more expensive (produce, for example), but it’s priced competitively for many essentials (milk, flour, sugar), and it’s locally owned!

    Since food prices have increased recently, I think the Gazette should do another article comparing the nearby grocery options, to help students get over their knee-jerk reaction to the Co-op.

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    Dan ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    There was a used bookstore, but all these food options are agreeable!

    “We have dunkin donuts..”
    “That’s not a coffee shop.”

    “Don’t we have a Chinese place?”

    I also love the foot. <3

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