National Politics: Obama and McCain on Higher Ed Issues

Financial Aid
Senator Obama plans to cut the costs of attending college by:

  • Eliminating the FASFA
  • Streamlining the aid process by using tax forms
  • Eliminating bank subsidies
  • Expanding Pell Grants

Senator McCain plans to:

  • Consolidate financial aid programs
  • Streamline financial aid applications
  • Simplify family tax benefits
  • Expand the lender-of-last resort capability of the federal student loan system

Preparing for College

  • Providing $25 million annually in matching funds for states to develop Early Assessment Programs
  • Creating a community college partnership program to strengthen community colleges

Senator McCain plans to provide parents and students with more information on the college entrance and payment process.


  • Recruiting teachers with a new Teacher Service Scholarship that will cover 2- or 4-year teacher certification
  • Prepare teachers by requiring all schools of education to be accredited
  • Reward teachers with innovative ways to increase teacher pay


  • Provide bonuses for teachers who work in underperforming schools and demonstrate strong leadership as measured by student improvement
  • Provide funding for professional teacher development

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