Why are there ropes around Willets, and Where did the grass go?

Amelia Sizemore ’09, who submitted this question, commented that the situation “sure does make it tricky to walk in a straight line across campus.” But although it may be trickier to walk, something else has gotten a lot easier: using a wheelchair to get across campus.

As Director of Facilities Stu Hain informed the Gazette, “this summer we worked on a major project to make our campus more accessible,” making the paths to Bond Hall, the Lodges, Willets and Sharples meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This was only the first of many projects to make the campus more accessible to people with disabilities. The Justice Department ordered Swarthmore to complete such projects last year when the campus was found not to comply with the ADA, a story which the Gazette covered here.

Hain continued, “the problem now is to get grass to grow. We need to try to keep the ground from getting compacted until we can plant. It is still too hot and dry to plant grass so I am afraid those ropes will be up most of the fall and probably again in the spring.”

So stay off those clumps of sod! And if you have more questions about wheelchairs, squirrels, or the traveling salesman problem, Swarthmore edition, make sure to let us know at dailygazette [at] swarthmore [dot] edu.

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    Amelia S. says:

    I suspect there may be other issues that potentially impair students’ abilities to walk in a straight line, such as the parties that have so far occurred every night downstairs in Worth. But thanks for answering! Bummer about it lasting forever.

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