Gazette Picks

1. When Is
This site is a godsend for busy Swatties with their busy schedules wanting to coordinate their busy lives with other busy people. You simply highlight times on a grid that are good for a meeting, send the unique URL to everyone else that needs to be there, and each person can X out the time that doesn’t work for them. Hopefully, by the end, you should have a few non-busy time slots remaining! The best part is that you don’t need any passwords or usernames for the site. Suh-weet!

2. Language is a Virus
The cure to the common writer’s block! This site has fabulous ways to inspire your inner poet/novelist/writer at large after it has hit a road block, including things like poetry generators, character name guides, and creative writing prompts and exercises.

3. Keri Smith
Keri Smith is a pretty neat artist who does lots of collages and journaling/scrap-booking work. I highly recommend her “100 ideas” to get some inspiration next time your in the mood for journaling.

4. Suheir Hammad, “Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic”
Because she is fantastic, if only for “don’t seduce yourself with/my otherness…the beat of my lashes against each other/ain’t some dark desert beat/it’s just a blink/get over it”

5. How To Detect Lies
So this time of year starts to get pretty testy as campus-wide Assassins begins, and you start to wonder if your roommate really only wants some company when she asks you to go with her to ice cream bar. Use these handy-dandy tips to figure out if she’s lying through her teeth, and make sure you take a tray with you!

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