Student Groups Advisor: Chris Green

by Rio Akasaka

With over a hundred student groups at Swarthmore, representing a wide diversity of activities, interests, cultures, and causes, the Student Group Advisor needs to be familiar with them and their needs.

I will bring to the job a year and a half of experience on SBC. Twice during spring budgeting I have listened to every student group give explanations of what they do and why it is important, and with the addition of personal participation I have much experience with what groups want and need, as well as what the college can provide for them.

This semester I have attended every public meeting of Student Council and been present when groups have presented their concerns to Council. I have also made my own contributions when appropriate, and so am already very familiar with the way Student Council operates (I even read the constitution!).

Next year as Student Groups Advisor, I will continue to work with student groups, Student Council, SBC, and the administration to help student groups achieve their short-term goals. I will also work to realize their long term goals in conjunction with the upcoming capital campaign. I will meet personally with members of every student group to hear their current plans and discuss their vision for the future development of their groups.

Knowledgeable, experienced, fair, and diligent — Chris Green for Student Groups Advisor