Campus Life Rep: Chelsea Brett

My name is Chelsea Brett and I am running for campus life representative. I am a freshman here at Swarthmore and am a member of the varsity cross country team and varsity swim team.  I have really enjoyed my first year here at Swarthmore and now I would like to get more involved with the school.  I am running in hopes to represent the students, my friends, my teammates, and my classmates in order to make their time here at Swarthmore an enjoyable one.  I want students to have a great experience at Swarthmore and love every minute of their time in college.  If I am elected, I will present the ideas of the students and work towards making those ideas a reality.  College is supposed to be one of the best times of your life so I want to make that happen by meeting your wishes.  Just remember, “Vote for me, Chelsea B!”


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