Class of 2012 By the Numbers

Class of 2012
6,118 applications
929 admitted, for an expected class of 370 students
15% acceptance rate; 17% for the class of 2011 and 19% for the class of 2010

South Korea – 17 students
China – 7
France – 5
Germany, Jamaica, Pakistan, Singapore and Turkey – 3
Canada, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Palestine, Peru, Philippines and Zimbabwe – 2
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Taiwan, Uganda, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom – 1


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    Dustin says:

    Also, and since this is only the admitted students and not those who will actually be intending, this would mean a lot more if there was more of a comparison between this year and those immediately prior, to have a sense of whether there are any trends at work here.

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    P says:

    Thanks to the Gazette for reporting this, but next time could you display the pie graphs face-on instead of at an angle? It would make them much easier to read accurately– just ask Steve Wang for his “chart junk” spiel and you’ll know what I mean.

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