Where are the Parrish Beach Chairs?

The weather is starting to warm up and become spring-like, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and Swatties are starting to lay out on Parrish Beach. A wonderful situation, yes? All that’s missing is the big chair, along with its smaller counterparts, to grace Parrish Beach with their presence.

We asked Jeff Jabco, the Director of Grounds, when we can expect the chairs’ return and received this response: “We usually put the chairs out once the weather is a bit more settled and we get the early spring fertilizer down on the turf at Parrish beach. We usually get them out by the end of the second week of April.”

So the wait is almost over. Enjoy the increasingly spring-like weather and start to mark your calendars until the chairs’ return.

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    Greg ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Not to contradict Jeff Jabco, but I’d heard that, ever since the “chairs in a tree” prank, the chairs stay in storage until after April 1.

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