Restaurant Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Going out to eat in Philadelphia, I’ve seen a range of food and food service. From the best restaurants which I rave about for weeks, to a hole in the wall I wouldn’t send an enemy to. Here’s sampling of restaurants from all over the gamut.

Farmicia: Food and Tonics $$
An expensive restaurant worth the price, Farmicia is perfect for die-hard vegetarians and carnivores alike. The menu features foods from local, organic, and artisanal producers. From herb-mustard London broil to pumpkin risotto (a personal favorite) Farmicia has quality food for everyone. The desserts are simple but of high quality, just like the delicious appetizers. Farmicia’s ambiance is also unique, with eclectic plants and painted mirrors somehow melding with fruit and orchid centerpieces to create a pseudo-Italian feel. I strongly recommend it.
15 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA

El Azteca Mexican Restaurant $$
Possibly the worst dollar-to-quality dining experience I’ve ever had. Hoping for a quick, cheap meal and a little variety from my southeast Asian favorites, I ducked into El Azteca. What I got was an overpriced mix of low quality Tex Mex food served grudgingly from a cart wheeled around to each table. I could of done better on the panini grill in Sharples. Thirty seconds on Google reveal that probably the only reason this establishment stays open is it doesn’t card underage college students who bring their own Tequila for mixing margaritas.
1710 Grant Av, Philadelphia, PA

Siam Cuisine $$
This restaurant’s unassuming exterior of fluorescent lights in Chinatown belies its cozy atmosphere. Expecting a small, possibly run down restaurant I stepped inside to be pleasantly surprised. I received great service and some of the best Thai curry I’ve had in Philadelphia. Perhaps ugly on the outside, but delicious on the inside. If you want to make your waitress smile, ask for an extra spicy dish.
925 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA

How do you like the Gazette’s restaurant reviews? Is there anywhere you would like to recommend? Tell us in the comments!

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